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Devin the Bichon Poodle


Sex: Male
AGE: February 23, 2012
Weight: 12.5 lbs
Height: 16.5 in
Nape/Tail: 15.5 in


Devin is a happy, friendly dog who is a mix between a bichon frise and a red toy poodle. Being this mix gives his tail and ears a unique strawberry blonde colour.
He is also great with children, people, and other animals.
Free free to check out his own Instagram @devinsdelights for more photos of his adventures!

Basics: Devin knows how to sit, stay, come, lie down, paw, beg, high five, high ten, fetch, wave, as well as how to jump up onto someone’s lap or into their arms. He is learning how to do more tricks everyday.

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