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Sex: Male
DOB: Sept 12, 2017
Weight: 44-48 lbs
Height: 25 in
Nape/Tail: 32 in

Hendrix is a trained stock dog (herding).  He herds cattle, goats and sheep a few times per week and competes in two-three herding trials per month.  He knows more than 50 different commands and tricks and can perform them on request at medium and large range.  He is very driven to work, listens extremely well and learns extremely quickly.  Below is just a small example of the many commands that Hendrix knows!
Basics: Sit, Stay, Down, Here, Roll Over, Bark, Crawl, Leave It, Kiss, Hug, High Five, Bow, Jump, Clean, Go To Bed.

Check out Hendrix in action and give him a follow on Instagram @HendrixTheBorderCollie!

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