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Sex: Female
AGE: September 17, 2014
Weight: 19 lbs
Height: 14″
Nape/Tail: 16″


Henley successfully completed family dog training with Who’s Walking Who Dog Training in Toronto and got most improved. Henley will practically follow any instructions when it involves her ball or a treat. This includes sitting staring at her ball for minutes on end until someone throws it for her.

She is our flower shop, shop dog and is Oakville’s newest little doggie celebrity. We have people who see her on Facebook and drive to the shop just to meet her! She loves to meet new people, always with a kiss. Henley is also very comfortable around children as she has 2 human nieces and nephews and a baby brother.

She will tolerate being picked up, brushed, nails clipped, trimmed, all without a fuss or sound. Henley is definitely one of a kind!
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