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Sex: Female
AGE: 2016
Weight: 35 lbs
Height: 19 in
Nape/Tail: 22 in


Mesa holds expert trick dog titles and knows countless tricks such as; dunking a basketball, skateboarding, “playing” the flute, rolling/pushing items (both nose and paws) putting items into and out of boxes/baskets, “hiding” in a box/suitcase, wave, shy (nose cover) fetch, hold/carry items, lift front or back paw, roll over& play dead, 2 paws up, balancing on and in things, dance, jump/flip on command,  act “vicious”, bark, head down(on ground or items) go to a mark, stay, come, crawl, heel/side, spin/turn and SO much more!

Mesa will perform most behaviors for different handlers, from a distance and/or on a mark, she maintains concentration through distractions and around other dogs. Mesa is an active competitor in many dog sports such as frisbee, freestyle and agility. Mesa also thoroughly enjoys performing for a crowd with Canada’s top Demo groups at venues such as Canada’s wonderland, the royal winter fair and the Pet expo! She also spends her days training with the @k9trickstars and leading adventurous expeditions with the @Adventurehoundz
You can also see Mesa in action working at PetStation here.
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