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Monty the Goofy Newfy


Sex: Male
AGE: November 24, 2016
Weight: 160 lbs
Height: 30 in
Nape/Tail: 38 in

Monty has received obedience training and is continuously trained at home.  Monty has an amazing temperament. He loves kids, adults and other animals (small and large.) He is extremely gentle, loving, sweet and loyal. Monty recently had the opportunity to visit a retirement home where staff commented on his therapeutic qualities of character.  He even had the heartwarming ability to influence less able-bodied patients to laugh, socialize and follow him around.   Monty is also incredibly strong – strong enough to pull a 800 lb cart when he was still just a year-old puppy!

Check out Monty on social media too!  You can find him on Instagram @monty_the_goofy_newfy and Facebook Monty The Goofy Newfy.

Basics: Sit, lay down, stay, come.

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