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Sex: Male
DOB: Aug 13,2016
Weight: 64 lbs
Height: 24 in
Nape/Tail: 27 in


Murphy is a handsome, paled-furred yellow lab, with a relaxed personality and a calm nature. He is well-behaved and instantly attentive when the possibility of a treat is offered.

Murphy began his life as a Future Dog Guide candidate.  In preparation, his first year with his foster family familiarized him with many different locations, situations, and environments.  Following that, five months of Dog Guide University further reinforced his training and obedience. Although he did not graduate, Murphy instead has become a well-loved addition to a home as a family pet, and is now looking to put his skills to work with a new career!

Basics: Basic Agility training, Sit, Stay, Stand, Hold statue (with a cookie/treat on his nose), Find it (a version of hide and seek), Kiss, Come, Fetch, Playing Dead, and Shake a Paw. Murphy is a quick learner and is willing to add more and more tricks to his repertoire.

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