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Sex: Female
DOB: December 6, 2017
Weight: 37 lbs
Height: 19.5 in
Nape/Tail: 35 in

Palmer is very friendly and she will greet you with open paws. She has a very sweet, goofy & intelligent personality. She is a very fast learner and will do anything for a treat! Her favourite game is hide and seek.
She can work from a distance and has taken Trick Training certificate courses, and has also received obedience training.
Basics: Sit, stay/ wait, come, bring, go to your place/mat, drop, leave it.

Tricks: Wave, rollover, high five, place her chin (on anything!), play dead, kiss (with duration), spin, bow, backup, touch (with duration), weave, hug, “wizz”, peek between legs, roll in a blanket, score in a net, pack a suitcase.

Palmer also has her own Instagram account.  Give her a follow @palmer.tollerretriever

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