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Tom Hanks Blackler


Sex: Male
DOB: Aug 26 2018
Weight: 65 lbs
Height: 28 in
Nape/Tail: 26 in


Tom Hanks is a well-trained rough collie and makes fast friends with humans of all ages. With a loveable personality, and trick, agility, and obedience training under his belt, Tom Hanks captivates you from the moment you meet him.
He loves adventures and is always up for a game of fetch or helping with errands at a local pet-friendly store. A neighbourhood pal to many, Tom Hanks is the most popular bub on the block.
Basics: Sit, stay, down, roll over, wait, take it, hold, wave, high-five, sit pretty, spin, bow, jump, peek-a-boo, and through/tunnel.
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